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♫ Let the music start and never end ♫


I was born in good old Germany and started doing music at a very young age. Ever since I was a little boy, my life was all about music, so I knew that I wanted to be a musician one day.There was just one problem: It wasn't that easy to find a record label because there were just too many talented young people out there. I was never lucky enough to meet the right producer who would listen to my music or who was able to see what kind of great talent I had to offer. When I turned 20 years old, I met my current manager/producer at a party in Berlin and he offered to sign me up to his record label. Jesus! That's what I call a sign from above, right?I'm a musician and a rapper (even though I prefer the term "musician" because it sounds more professional than "rapper"). My main goal is to inspire people and let them know that life can be so amazing. All you have to do is listening to yourself and let your favorite music guide you through life or whatever situation you're in at the moment.Let the music start and never end!

Tour Dates 2023

21.01.2024 --- La Dune Club · MONTPELLIER (FRANCE)
28.01.2024 --- Magnum Club · PARIS (FRANCE)
10.02.2024 --- Dome Club · BARCELONA (SPAIN)
27.02.2024 --- The Cuckoo Club · LONDON (UK)
03.03.2024 --- Dicey's Garden · DUBLIN (IRELAND)
25.03.2024 --- The Club Milano · MILAN (ITALY)
22.04.2024 --- Gallery Club · ZURICH (SWITZERLAND)
26.05.2024 --- Club Space · MIAMI (USA)
09.06.2024 --- Havana Club · ATLANTA (USA)
24.06.2024 --- Cat Club · SAN FRANCISCO (USA)
22.07.2024 --- Club Chinois · IBIZA (SPAIN)


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